PhotoLife usa features artists, works of photography, and related mixed media rising from the photographic process.

Some “take pictures.” Others “make images.”  But Photography has always been a two stage process, perhaps even a four stage process.

  1. Imagining the shot
  2. Capturing the shot
  3. Crafting the raw image to what was first imagined
  4. Delivering the images for the viewer’s appreciation

PhotoLife usa is about the experience–the capture and molding of  the photograph. The final image presents the photographer’s original vision. We believe the image created is about the artist’s intention and the viewer’s experience.

Photographers come in all sorts. Many pursue their love of photography into professional and commercial careers where the work conforms  to the client’s needs.  Here at PhotoLife usa they reveal the  images they create for themselves.

Their works are presented here as photo essays, fine art images, and portfolios often accompanied by articles revealing the photographer’s intent and process of discovering the image.

These are the images we love.