PhotoLife usa provides a place to present your creative works.

  • First of all, do it for yourself. Be part of a community that recoginizes and values your skill and effort in creating photographic art works.
  • Secondly, your clients will value the added prestige by recognizing they are engaging the skills of an artist, that it is not just about the money regardless of your competency. Their pride in the photographic images you create for them will be increased.
  • Finally, give back to the photography community by becoming a contributor. You will learn more about this as you read on.

    PhotoLife usa is designed to showcase the work of advanced photographers.

    That is not to say you must be a full time professional photographer. It does mean your work shows a level of technical understanding and artistic maturity that stands as an example to others.

    PhotoLife usa provides various paths for you to showcase your work.

            Setup a slideshow on PhotoLife usa
  •  On your Flicker account, create a unique “set” of images called PhotoLife usa. A page will be setup on PhotoLife usa showing a slideshow of those images. They will be shown full screen and full sized. This is quick and easy. (Like This)You can change the images out or add new ones at any time but it is neccesary to stick to the sets original theme as it is titled on PhotoLife usa.
  • Create a photo-essay on PhotoLife usa. This is accomplished by ftping pictures to a user account  set up for you on PhotoLife usa.

         Become a Regular Contributor

  • PhotoLife usa is published as a WordPress site. You will be given membership privileges with the right to add delete and modify your own content.
  • You will create a special artist’s page.
  • Create a sortable portfolio (Like This). Portfolios do not necessarily exclude your commercial work such as a sampling of portraiture, wedding, or other event photography. These should be limited to no more than 25% of the portfolio galleries you create. PhotoLife usa does provide an additional path for new customers and client to find you.
  • Only members may comment on other contributor’s works.
  • Artists Thoughts. Post your own thoughts on the life and process of photography and being creative. Who inspires you? What do you value in photography? How do you approach a scene, say an outing to shoot a mountain or an event? Technical stuff is important of course but only as utilized in your creative process.
  • Participate in exhibitions and/or have your own work displayed in various venues.
  • Opportunities may be offered to perform live slideshow/multimedia displays in various venues.

    Personal Photo and Menu

    Your photo and a menu of your work along with a link back to your main portfolio will be displayed on each of your pages.

    PhotoLife usa contributors are not charged a fee for displaying content on the site.

    • That is not to say fees are never charged. Participation in events or special services provided may require a fee be charged. You will know in advance what areas have fees and how they should be paid.

    Too much effort?

    Not at all! It’s all optional. As simple or as involved as suites your needs.


    Ready to Dive in?

    To apply for consideration fill in the contact form. Remember to include a link to your pictures and/or portfolio. Tell us how you would like to participate.

    Thanks for your interest.


    Contact GSW for information or to provide comment. Thank You

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